Mental Health

10 Signs Your Partner Is Going to Cheat

4. They "just have to go out for a few minutes"--all the time

It’s natural and healthy for each partner in a relationship to take time to pursue their own interests; being glued at the hip can lead to co-dependency issues, not to mention cabin fever and getting on one another’s nerves!

But if your significant other is suddenly asking for more private time, especially if they used to spend a lot of it with you or confide in you, they may not be as “alone” during these sessions as they claim. Perhaps you used to take quick trips to the store together all the time, but now all of a sudden they find excuses to leave you behind and go “shopping” by themselves. Also, if they stay late at work or take long lunch breaks, it could be an indication they’re having an affair.

Similarly, they could try to push you out of the house or encourage you to be more social so they can have the place to themselves — and not for self-reflection.