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10 Signs Your Partner Is Going to Cheat

People who grow up with a cheating parent are more likely to cheat themselves

It turns out, events in one’s childhood can have a major impact on their romantic relationships later in life. Specifically, whether or not one of your parents cheated when you were growing up. Even if it occurs when you’re young, the emotional fall out can have serious repercussions years later. One study found that the adults who grew up in families where a parent had an affair were twice as likely to cheat versus those who didn’t.

In her own research, clinical psychologist Ana Nogales stated that around 55% of such adults became cheaters themselves. Furthermore, her research found that 80% of responders said it affected their beliefs concerning love and relationships, and 70% said it severely impacted their ability to trust others.

Granted, there are many other factors that influence a person’s chances of infidelity, but it’s clear that having unfaithful parents negatively impacts an individual once they grow up.