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10 Signs Your Partner Is Going to Cheat

9. You find receipts that they have a hard time explaining

Secret purchases or unaccounted for money withdrawals are strong signals of a cheating partner. If you find credit card receipts for gifts or other items you didn’t receive, your significant other may be shopping for someone else. Receipts from dates you don't remember going on, places that are odd or unknown to you, or with peculiar time stamps are also suspicious flags to note.

Your partner could be trying to hide their gift-giving by using a different card or by shopping at places where they know they won’t run into you or anyone else who might recognize them. Paying in cash makes a paper trail hard to find, as does their throwing away the receipts, but you can still regularly check your bank statements online to track your partner’s doings.

Gifts, hotel rooms, drinks, or any other purchases that are out of the ordinary should definitely arouse your suspicion, as they are common buys for many cheaters.