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10 Signs Your Partner Is Going to Cheat

2. They smell different

In keeping with the grooming theme, a new scent could be indicative of infidelity in a partner. Sometimes, a different cologne can be harmless, but if you catch a whiff of your significant other and they smell like a perfume or other scent typically belonging to the opposite sex, a red flag should go up in your head.

Even using a different brand of soap could be a sign of an extramarital affair: if your partner leaves the house smelling of their usual soap, but comes back later cloaked in a different scent, it’s possible they showered somewhere else (i.e., at the residence of their fellow cheater). This suspicion is commonly associated with unfaithful husbands, but it can also apply to women, too. A different smell is a subtle thing that may not seem like much, but it’s a small change in routine that can reveal a big cover up.