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10 Things You Can Do to Decrease Your Anxiety

10 Things You Can Do to Decrease Your Anxiety

1. Express gratitude for one thing each day

Mental health experts agree that feelings of gratitude are a powerful tool in the fight against anxiety.

Yet, it can be tough to feel grateful when you’re struggling with the effects of an anxiety disorder. Remember that having gratitude isn’t about being thankful for every single aspect of your life. To put it bluntly, some things in life are just unpleasant, and anxiety is one of them.

No matter how much you’re struggling, there’s always something in life to be grateful for; that something doesn’t minimize your struggles or justify your pain, but it’s still there and it’s something to be thankful for. Appreciating the seemingly simple things in life can be surprisingly powerful for people with anxiety and depression.

Even expressing gratitude for one thing each day is a step toward positive thinking. Changing your outlook and attitude won’t make your anxiety magically disappear, but it can help you lead a productive and fulfilling life in spite of your anxiety.

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