Mental Health

10 Things You Can Do to Decrease Your Anxiety

4. Wake up 10 minutes earlier just to do nothing.

Waking up early is a great opportunity to do nothing, and doing nothing is more important than you might think. Doing nothing provides an opportunity for reflection, leading to inspiring new ideas and creative solutions to nagging problems. You’ll have the chance to take a step back and think things through. You’ll also have a chance to focus on the simple but effective practice of deep breathing. Again, it sounds simple, but it’s actually so important—especially when you suffer from anxiety.

Take a few minutes to gather your thoughts and focus on your breathing. Centering yourself can help you feel ready to face the day ahead. If you think it’s unproductive and a waste of time, think again; your brain needs downtime to work properly. Taking a few moments to relax and simply “be” can help you be more productive, creative, and energized throughout the rest of your day.