15. They'll often correct their story as they speak

Perhaps not as commonly seen as the others, another sign of deception is a person who heavily edits their story multiple times during a conversation. According to Dr. Susan Whitbourne, people will make frequent, spontaneous corrections “[b]ecause liars have to backtrack so much,” and try to remember the details of their fabrication. The fight-or-flight response going on inside the body after a lie is told overloads the liar’s brain, making it difficult to recall the finely tuned story they created. Even if they didn’t go in-depth on the details, they will likely still forget things, leading to inconsistencies that they try to correct on the spot. This will cause their story to make less and less sense or appear more unlikely to be true. For this reason, having someone tell their story in reverse is a great tool to spot a lie. However, in the case of corrections and contradictions, you probably won’t need to employ this trick, as you can likely spot the lie all on your own.