5. They cover their mouth or eyes

Another way people deal with the discomfort caused by lying is through covering their eyes or their mouths. Whether conscious or not, many individuals will attempt to “hide” their lie by physically covering the source of their deception (the mouth) or concealing one of the methods of uncovering it (the eyes). It also gives them the false impression that they aren’t truly lying because the people they’re speaking to can’t see their mouths. It may also be a way to soften the blow of their words and avoid confrontation; the hands go up to these vulnerable areas as a means of protection.

Although covering the mouth can offer some measure of relief to liars, it can also be a sign of their acute stress during the conversation. When a person does not want to deal with an issue or answer a question, possibly because it will expose them as a liar, they will frequently cover their mouths reflexively.