6. They clear their throat before responding to you

The stress response that accompanies lying can manifest in other ways, such as clearing of the throat before responding to a question or other prompt. When the body becomes overly anxious, such as in the middle of a deception, it activates the sweat glands, reduces saliva flow, and increases blood flow; this, in turn, causes the moisture normally present in the throat to be rerouted to the skin in the form of sweat to up one’s chances of survival, and also results in a dry mouth.

In men, throat clearing can often be accompanied by a “jump” of the Adam’s apple, further signaling the stress triggered by the fight-or-flight response. However, while some researchers have stated this is a strong indication of deception, to truly give this tell validation, you have to establish a baseline with the person before you. That is, you need to see what they do and look like when telling the truth so you have something to compare to their lies.