7. They fix their clothes or hair

A slightly subtler sign of fidgeting connected to lying is fixing one’s clothing or hair. People who are more practiced at telling deceptions, but who still are not completely comfortable with it, are likely to be aware of the more obvious giveaways and will do their best to mitigate them. However, the stress of telling a lie can still make itself manifest through other pacifying gestures, which can be seen when an individual smooths their hair or adjusts their clothing. Again, this goes back to the physical results of the fight-or-flight response.

Some research has found that liars will perform grooming movements within the first 30 seconds of telling a lie or being accused. So, the next time you’re conversing with someone, watch their hands; if they are straightening their jacket or tie, adjusting their cuffs, or running a hand through their hair a little too often, you’re likely being lied to.