9. They rush to change the subject

Lying requires a significantly greater amount of thought than telling the truth, making the likelihood of getting caught more and more likely as the conversation goes on. As such, liars will often change the subject soon after they tell their fabrication. They are essentially creating a story and do not want to expose themselves by mixing up the finer details.

Also, the longer the lie is in the spotlight, the longer the accompanying stress response lasts. People who have lied will then move the conversation, often quite abruptly, onto another subject in order to distract you and escape from the anxiety and discomfort of their deception. To push the conversation forward or alter it completely, the liar may use phrases such as, “I don’t want to talk about this,” or “By the way…” They may also appear relieved when the conversation finally does move on, as they feel they’ve gotten away with the lie.