Good liars are good communicators

According to the writings of Dr. Aldert Vrij, “Good liars are those people: (i) whose natural behaviour disarms suspicion; (ii) who do not find it cognitively difficult to lie; and (iii) who do not experience emotions such as fear, guilt, or duping delight when they are lying.” While this may sound like a definition for sociopathy, in truth, being a good liar often means simply possessing eloquence and a knack for showmanship. People who are adept at lying often give long-winded, wordy, and often vague answers to buy themselves time to think while keeping others distracted. They are able to hide their guilt or fear about lying (if they feel any) through adaptation and social disarming. Confidence is key: if you can communicate that you believe your story whole-heartedly, others will buy into it as well. This is why good liars often make for excellent car salesmen, actors, and other professions that require some measure of deceit.