The mind of a pathological liar is extremely complicated

"Pathological lying…is a chronic behavior characterized by the habitual or compulsive telling of lies” (Pedersen, 2018). It is a complex condition, as the person’s lies can range from small “white” lies to grand and fantastical ones, and even if they are caught, pathological liars will continue to spew deceit. When pressed, some will admit their fabrications, but psychologists have found that others will start to truly believe in their own lies, indicating a disconnect from reality.

Unfortunately, psychologists don’t know the root cause of this condition, nor has there been a great deal of research conducted to learn more about pathological lying. However, a study published in The British Journal of Psychiatry scanned the brains of normal individuals and pathological liars, and they found the latter group had significantly greater amounts of white matter in their prefrontal cortex. They believe this extra matter may somehow contribute to a person’s increased capacity to lie. However, further research is necessary before any conclusive results can be reached.