Mental Health

Navigating The Very Real and Deep Depression Often Associated with Lymphoma

Medivizor aims to put patients at ease

Patients will often look online for medical information soon after a new diagnosis. Unfortunately, the amount of information found online can be inaccurate and overwhelming. According the Louis J. DeGennaro, Ph.D., the president and CEO of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Society is on the forefront of breakthrough research for novel treatment therapies and approaches. The Community deals with the emotional needs of patients and family while simultaneously providing relevant, topical, and useful support and information as the disease is dealt with.

The Medivizor program takes seemingly complex medical data and transforms it into an accurate and simple language that is then shares with specifical disease group audiences in the Community. Medivizor also sifts through a large assortment of complex medical content and interprets it and then explains it to the general public and the Community users, based on their diagnosis. Included in the available information is various treatment options, research papers, clinical trials, guidelines, and much more. Patients and caregivers are always encouraged to share and discuss any information obtained in the Community with their private physicians.