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Real Stories of Teen Suicide that Will Make You Think

Sydney Seller's mom said that her daughter was "being assaulted."

Sydney Sellers committed suicide at age 14. Her tragic death was a complete shock to her mother, Jennifer.

When Sydney’s body was being prepared for burial, Jennifer was asked to choose a dress that went to at least the knees. When she asked why, she was shocked to hear that Sydney had multiple self-harm scars on her upper thighs and lower abdomen. It turned out Sydney had been secretly cutting herself for at least six months before her death.

After her daughter’s untimely death, Jennifer received private Facebook messages from several of Sydney’s classmates. These classmates informed Jennifer that Sydney had been severely bullied at school in the time leading up to her death. This information came as a complete surprise to Sydney’s parents, as the school had never informed them their daughter was being bullied.

Jennifer was also distressed to discover that Sydney had been messaging strangers on the cell phone messenger app Kik. The dangerous app is a hotbed for child predators. Shortly before her death, Sydney had received messages about autoerotic asphyxiation. It’s possible that Sydney’s death by hanging may have been an accident, rather than a suicide. In any event, Sydney’s death is a heartbreaking loss, as well as a terrifying reminder of the dangers of the Internet.

Photo: Daily Mail