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Real Stories of Teen Suicide that Will Make You Think

For Amanda Todd, the bullying did not let up, even when she changed schools.

When Amanda Todd was in seventh grade, a man in an internet chatroom convinced her to show him her breasts. One year later, the man contacted her on Facebook, threatening to release a revealing photo of her to everyone she knew unless she agreed to “put on a show” for him. The manipulative creep knew Amanda’s name, address, where she went to school, and the names of her friends and family members.

The revealing photos of Amanda were released online and went viral. When Amanda’s classmates saw the photos, they began to tease and harass her. Amanda developed severe depression and anxiety, and eventually began self-medicating with drugs and alcohol in an effort to cope.

For a time, things seemed to be getting better. Amanda switched schools and found a new group of friends. Unfortunately, the man who had harassed her in the past came back and started a new Facebook page, which featured the topless photo of Amanda. Amanda lost all of her new friends, and they started ignoring her, talking about her behind her back, and bullying her. She started cutting herself and cried every night.

Amanda changed schools yet again, but it didn’t help. After a boy flirted with her, a group of girls from her old school came to her new school and beat her up in front of her new classmates, who watched and even filmed the assault. She was left alone, beat-up and on the ground, then crawled to a ditch by the side of the road, where her father found her. When she arrived home, Amanda attempted to end her life by drinking bleach. She survived this suicide attempt and she and her family moved to a new city.

Tragically, moving to a new city didn’t put a stop to the relentless bullying. Her depression and anxiety continued to worsen, despite treatment with therapy and medication. She continued to self-harm. Amanda shared her story on YouTube in September, 2012. In October, 2012, she died by committing suicide. She was fifteen years old.

Photo: The Socjourn