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Real Stories of Teen Suicide that Will Make You Think

Daniel Briggs was bullied for years. The school did nothing.

16-year-old Daniel Briggs committed suicide after enduring years of relentless bullying. The school did nothing to intervene in the years leading up to Daniel’s heartbreaking death.

Daniel’s mother, Amy J. Briggs, says she made numerous appeals to the school district to put an end to the harassment, but to no avail. The same, small group of students bullied Daniel for a nine-year period. Over the years, Daniel’s parents complained to school officials as many as fifty or sixty times, but these officials did little or nothing to address the issue.

When Daniel’s parents complained to the school about the harassment he was experiencing, school officials would either do nothing, have a talk with the bullies, or suspend the bullies for a day or two. These measures only made the bullying worse. As a result, Daniel eventually stopped telling his parents and teachers the truth about what was happening, because he knew it would only make matters worse.

Tragically, Daniel ultimately felt that there was no way to escape the unceasing harassment, and the caring, sensitive, hardworking teen took his own life at age 16.