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Real Stories of Teen Suicide that Will Make You Think

Janis Murray's mom wished that she caught the signs in time.

19-year-old Janis Murray committed suicide the summer after her freshman year of college. Her mother, Nadine, was understandably devastated by the heartbreaking loss.

For years, Nadine struggled to overcome the guilt and regret she experienced after her daughter’s death. She couldn’t come to terms with the fact that she didn’t notice the signs in time to save her daughter’s life.

In hindsight, one warning sign seems particularly obvious to Nadine. At the time, though, she brushed it off as nothing. Shortly before her death, Janis became apathetic about future consequences like bad grades or financial problems. Nadine didn’t take it too seriously, though, because she assumed that it was just a phase. When Janis made offhand statements about killing herself, Nadine assumed she was being dramatic and didn’t actually mean it. Looking back, Nadine wishes she took these warning signs more seriously.

Photo: Today