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Real Stories of Teen Suicide that Will Make You Think

According to her parents, Sadie Walker had shown no signs of depression.

15-year-old Sadie Walker committed suicide on Christmas Day in 2014. Her parents were shocked, stating she had never shown signs of depression.

Confused and desperate to understand what had happened, Sadie’s grieving parents searched her cell phone for clues. They discovered that, at the time of her death, she was on the phone with a male classmate. They had been on the phone for 37 minutes, and at the end of the phone call, the boy listened to Sadie die.

Sadie’s parents also found that their daughter had set up an Instagram account a few weeks before her death. She had been using the popular social media platform to talk with other teens about depression, self-harm, and suicide. Some of Sadie’s classmates were participants in these conversations, including the boy Sadie was on the phone with at the time of her death.

Sadie’s mother, Norma Walker, laments the fact that none of the teens told a parent, teacher, or counselor what was going on. Sadie’s parents hope their daughter’s story will encourage teens struggling with depression to not be afraid to speak up and discuss what they’re going through with an adult.

Photo: Daily Mail