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Real Stories of Teen Suicide that Will Make You Think

This girl wrote in her note that "she couldn't handle what others were saying about her."

Seventh-grade student Sarah Lynn Butler  committed suicide when she was only twelve years old. In her suicide note, Sarah Lynn wrote that she couldn’t handle what others were saying about her.

Sarah Lynn was bullied both in school and online. She received numerous hurtful messages on her MySpace page. Sarah Lynn’s mother says that she did monitor her daughter’s MySpace page to ensure that inappropriate messages weren’t being sent or received. She noticed her daughter was receiving messages about rumors at school accusing her of being a “slut.” She talked with her daughter about the disconcerting messages, but after their conversation, Sarah Lynn removed her mother from her friends list so she could no longer see her page.

On the morning of Sarah Lynn’s tragic suicide, her family went out while she stayed at home and went on MySpace. The final message she read stated that she was “easily forgotten,” “a stupid little naïve girl,” and “nobody would miss her.”