Mental Health

Real Stories of Teen Suicide that Will Make You Think

Do not let other teens become a statistic. If you see the signs, try to show them that they're not alone.

It’s far better to be safe than sorry, and it’s crucial to intervene before it’s too late. If you notice the signs a teen might be depressed or suicidal, trust your instincts and reach out to let them know you care. Talking about or even joking about committing suicide is a warning sign that should never be ignored.

If you’re concerned about a teen who may be experiencing depression and/or suicidal thoughts, let them know you’re there for them if they ever need someone to talk to. Reassure them that you care about them and will help them work through whatever they’re going through. Be a good listener and don’t judge them or dismiss their concerns. You should also seek immediate professional help to ensure they get the help they need.