Mental Health

What These Social Media Habits Reveal About Your Personality

Are you addicted to emojis? You could be much more extroverted than others.

Emoticons have become increasingly popular as well, often replacing entire words and even sentences in some cases. Studies analyzing the relationship between emojis and personality traits have found significant correlations with extraversion and agreeableness connected to these cartoon icons. They found that happy faces are the most commonly used emojis, and overall, people who use emoticons tend to be more agreeable and approachable in nature. Extroverts use emojis more often, and those who used positive icons more frequently than negative ones were found to be more emotionally stable. Conversely, people who turned to negative emojis were found to be more over-anxious, which is likely due to their predilection towards negative emotions. Neurotic people are more likely to obsess over others’ use of emoticons as well, overanalyzing them to decipher some hidden meaning in the sender’s message. So, while it isn’t a good idea to obsess, emoji use is generally more annoying than a true problem.