Mental Health

What These Social Media Habits Reveal About Your Personality

Do you only post about your relationship? You might be insecure.

Another common social media habit is constant posting about one’s relationship. This pattern has been analyzed and linked to lower self-esteem. Often times, people who post pictures and updates that display love and affection between them and their significant other are said to have insecurity issues. They have a deep-seeded need to prove themselves to the world, and the success of their relationship (whether real or not) provides a means of validating their self-worth. This could indicate codependency issues and must be addressed if it’s severe enough.

Obsessive posting about your relationship could also be a sign that all is not well between you and your partner. Research has shown that couples who seem to be in love online are actually posting these positive displays in order to hide private issues. Some tie their success in life to their relationship status and so want to project a perfect partnership to mask their troubles rather than acknowledge their existence and deal with them.