Mental Health

What These Social Media Habits Reveal About Your Personality

Do you overshare? You could be hiding anxiety issues and neediness.

Many times, people find the measure of anonymity allotted to them by social media platforms appealing and comfortable enough to share intimate details of their lives with others, something they wouldn’t normally do face to face. But not everyone wants to know about your private issues, and if you frequently air your dirty laundry on Facebook, for example, you may in fact suffer from low self-esteem. According to some studies, this behavior indicates neediness as well as possible anxiety issues. For people like this, social media communities offer safe places to build intimacy with “friends” or a buffer against others’ judgement. They then use self-disclosure as a means to open themselves up to others and feel closer without the awkwardness that may accompany a one-on-one confession. This kind of behavior often masks a cry for comfort and emotional soothing, so the next time someone overshares, you might consider the deeper issues hiding behind such posts.