Mental Health

What These Social Media Habits Reveal About Your Personality

Do you share every single remotely social activity? You could be high-strung.

The frequency of posting can also be an indicator of addiction to social media as well as possibly pointing to a personality flaw. People who often post about recent social interactions show, once again, a lack of self-esteem and a need for validation. However, such individuals also tend to be more high-strung, meaning they are more inclined to obsession and feeling irritable, down, or moody in general. Extroverts are common culprits of sharing social activities, but not necessarily at a high volume; they are more likely to actually go out and see people face to face. Rather than socializing in order to post about it, extroverts truly want and need the experience of being around others. Those who are lacking in confidence see communal activities as a way to craft their public image; they use social interactions to project their best selves to the world and to hide whatever flaws they find dissatisfying.