Mental Health

What These Social Media Habits Reveal About Your Personality

If you constantly share your obsession with diet and exercise, you could be addicted to attention.

On the opposite side of the scale is constantly posting about one’s diet and fitness. Whether it’s finishing a morning run, completing a 5k, dropping a few pounds on the scale, or showing before and after photos, going overboard with these kinds of posts is a strong indicator of a psychological imbalance, specifically, narcissism. Studies have found that people who overshare about losing weight, being fit, or partaking in a certain diet tend to be addicted to attention and esteem. Researchers at the University of Brunel in London analyzed this behavior pattern and noted the narcissistic results, saying it stems from the person’s obsession with good looks (especially their own), and posting about being fit and healthy satisfies their need for validation. Every “like” and “share” they receive provides the attention they crave and serves to further boost their ego. So while they may have healthy bodies, the same can’t be said for their minds.