Mental Health

What These Social Media Habits Reveal About Your Personality

If you strategically post at certain times to gain traffic, you are obsessed with personal validation.

A quick Google search will pull up several guides and blog articles offering advice on the best times of the day to post on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. They generally cater to people who make a living through these mediums (or those who are trying to by building their fan base). The point is to post something, either a picture, a video, or an opinion, at specific times in order to drive the most traffic to that post in the hopes of obtaining more “likes,” “shares,” and, ultimately, more followers. However, people who don’t have careers rooted in social media have made use of these guides in order to satisfy their own personal needs.

Those with an addiction to social media and who have unsatisfied desires for attention are using creative measures like this to up their status and boost their self-esteem. For some, simply having a greater number of “likes” or followers provides validation.