Mental Health

What These Social Media Habits Reveal About Your Personality

If you update Facebook with every little detail of your day, you could be unhappy with your life.

As stated at the beginning of this slideshow, nearly three-quarters of all Facebook users visit the website on a daily basis, and about 51% check it multiple times a day. However, a study performed by researchers at the George Marsh Applied Cognition Lab looked at the social media habits of over 1,000 participants from different generations and found that almost 30% went on Facebook at least once an hour or more! This frequency alone indicates an unhealthy fixation. Add to the mix neurotic posting, and this indicates deeper issues. Individuals who constantly post updates about every little thing that happens in their lives are likely bored and dissatisfied with their circumstances; logging onto social media provides an escape from their dull routines or possibly other, more troublesome emotions they don’t want to face. Such behavior might also signal the person’s need for validation and attention, again stemming from a sense that their lives are lacking.