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What These Social Media Habits Reveal About Your Personality

Ranting about politics or religion could indicate anger issues

There is a fine line between an open, intellectual discussion about politics or religion and an anger-filled rant. Sadly, more often than not, Facebook posts concerning politics or religion are long, opinionated, and overflowing with negative emotions. Psychologists have analyzed writings that cover these topics, and there is a marked difference in personality depending on how a person expresses their opinions.

Updates about one’s political beliefs or other similar preferences that are not long-winded and remain calm in tone indicate open-mindedness, curiosity, and creativity. People who take this approach see social media platforms as a way to share their opinions and encourage others to do so in an intellectual manner.

However, individuals who rant about politics or religion have been shown to possess anger issues. They are linked to greater tendencies toward fighting, both physical and verbal. In fact, people who rant were observed to average one physical encounter and two verbal engagements per month as opposed to people who don’t rant online. While it is unclear if one precludes the other, it is clear that the two feed off each other.