Mental Health

What These Social Media Habits Reveal About Your Personality

Say what you actually mean. Don't exaggerate.

To combat some of these emotionally distressing behaviors, try simply being honest. People often exaggerate in their posts, which feeds the sense of drama saturating social media today. Don’t make your posts over the top, especially if they concern only minor things. If you say what you mean and nothing else, you promote an honest mindset for yourself and for others. In fact, more and more, honesty is increasing in popularity online as both companies and individuals see greater approval when they don’t hide their mistakes. Celebrities, especially females, are posting more selfies on Instagram without makeup or while wearing comfortable “scrubby” clothing, and companies are making fun of their flubs on Twitter, just to name a few instances. People feel more empathy when they see their idols as genuine human beings with flaws and problems instead of paradigms of perfection. Don’t be afraid to let others see you as you are; hiding your true self will only hurt you in the long run.