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The Real Meaning Behind Your Most Common Dreams

The Real Meaning Behind Your Most Common Dreams

Falling: An indication of insecurity, anxiety and failure

Dreams about falling can have multiple meanings. However, a popular myth cites that if you do not wake up before you hit the ground during a fall, that you'll die in your sleep. This is false. Falling in your dream can instead signify insecurity and anxiety. And, according to Sigmund Freud (the founding father of psychoanalysis), dreams of falling could also mean that you are thinking about giving in to a sexual impulse.

If you dream of falling, experts say that you could be considering letting go of something in your life. It can also signify that, no matter how hard you’ve been trying to accomplish something, you need to accept your failure and move on. If you’ve been stuck in an unhappy relationship and trying to make it work, having a dream about falling might be a sign that it’s time to let go and move forward with your life. Making drastic changes in our lives can be a terrifying, yet exhilarating experience. We often use expressions like “making the leap” or “taking the plunge” to signify taking action to change our current situations.

The frightening, yet exciting sensation of falling from a great height is similar to the rush of anxiety we feel when confronted with a dramatic life change.

However, in the biblical sense, dreaming about falling can also have a negative undertone. It could mean that you are acting and walking away from the "Lord's way," and acting on your own. 

When you dream of falling, it typically happens during the first stage of sleep, where muscle spasms of the arms and legs can occur. If you have these dreams, you may actually wake up to your body jerking. This jerking action is meant as a way of arousal to alert you to your surroundings and wake up as quickly as possible.

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