Lucid dreaming: A way to control what you dream

You may have heard of lucid dreaming before. But, with lucid dreaming, you usually know that you're dreaming while you are dreaming. In other words, you'll go to sleep regularly, then wake up in your own dream with the ability to explore what you want to explore, and change what you want to change. Sounds a little bit like that movie, Inception, but we promise, this is a real thing. Lucid dreamers typically would have a trigger within their dream, which would be an inconsistency, that makes the dreamer stop and question whether or not what they are experiencing is reality.

Once you're in control in your dream, you can, pretty much, do anything you put your mind to. A great way to become a lucid dreamer is to start keeping a dream journal handy. With a dream journal, you can discover your pattern of dreams, how frequently they reoccur, and who in your life makes an appearance. Determining what you see and experience frequently in your dreams will train your mind to spot these signs while you're asleep.