Dreaming of a cheating partner: You may have trust issues in your relationship

Dreams about being cheated on by your significant other can be an expression of your subconscious fears and anxieties. Having a dream in which your partner cheats on you might be a sign that you’ve been struggling with trust issues in your relationship. Perhaps you’ve experienced prior issues with infidelity in this relationship or a past relationship, and this trauma has caused you to feel fearful and distrustful in your current situation as well. Maybe you’ve never been cheated on, but you’re feeling insecure in your current relationship and worry about how your partner really feels.

If you or your partner have been having doubts about your relationship, then dreams about being cheated on might be a reflection of your fear that your partner might not be as interested in you as they once were. Even if your relationship is strong, you might have dreams about being cheated on if you’ve been feeling self-conscious and lack confidence in yourself.