Death: A symbol of change or rebirth

Dreams about dying can understandably be disturbing, since death is typically perceived as a negative, frightening concept. Sometimes, dreams about dying can be an upsetting extension of our daily fears and worries, especially if we’ve recently suffered the loss of a loved one. However, in many cases, dreams about dying have a more symbolic—and far less sinister—meaning. If you’ve recently experienced a dream about your own death, there’s no need to panic. Contrary to what your favorite horror movies might lead you to believe, having a dream about dying is not necessarily an ominous foreboding of your impending demise.

Death is not always a symbol of doom and gloom; death can also symbolize change, or a metaphorical rebirth. If you’ve been undergoing dramatic changes in your life, then dreams about death might be a symbolic representation of the metaphorical “death” of your former self. The physical death you experience in your dream might be a symbol for the end of one phase in your life, and the beginning of a new chapter.