Driving an out-of-control vehicle: Anxiety about making the right choices in life

Dreams about vehicles often symbolize concern over the direction your life is taking. You’re more likely to dream about being in a vehicle if you’ve recently been preoccupied about the course you’ve been on and worried about where you might end up in the future. Having a dream about being in an out-of-control vehicle, in particular, is often a manifestation of your fears and anxieties about making the right choices in life. Maybe you’re about to make a decision that could have profound, long-term effects on your life, such as moving to a new state to pursue a job or relationship, or considering a career change. Maybe you’re worried about the potential negative consequences of the choices you make. Perhaps you even fear a lack of control over events in your life and worry the future is out of your hands.

Dreaming about being caught in an out-of-control vehicle could symbolize your feelings of powerlessness when faced with life’s challenges. These dreams are also common during periods of transition, when we’re feeling anxious about whether or not we’ve been going down the (metaphorically) wrong road in life.