Dreams of taking a test at school: A fear of performing well and a desire to fulfill expectations

Schools and classrooms are common settings for dreams, even if our school days are far behind us. Having a dream about being in school and having to take a test for that you are unprepared for might be a symbolic representation of a challenge you’re facing in your life. For example, you might be feeling anxious about an upcoming performance review at work, starting a new job, or participating in an athletic competition or theatrical performance.

Your fear of failing to perform well, and your desire to fulfill expectations, can stir up distant memories of the anxiety and pressure you felt when faced with an unexpected pop quiz in school. If you’ve been worrying about an upcoming or ongoing challenge of some kind, then dreaming about taking a test could symbolize the anxiety and doubt you feel. This anxiety might stem from the uncertainty of not knowing what to expect, or the self-doubt of not feeling confident in your ability to handle stressful events.