Teeth falling out: A sign that you feel controlled or repressed

Having a dream in which your teeth fall out is certainly an unusual—and unsettling—experience. If it’s any consolation, dreams of this sort are often symbolic rather than literal. It is extremely unlikely these dreams are actually a sign you’re in danger of losing your teeth. In fact, these dreams likely have nothing to do with your teeth at all. Instead, dreaming about your teeth falling out is a sign you’ve been subconsciously feeling controlled or repressed. In these dreams, your teeth are actually a symbol of your individual autonomy and the power and control you feel you exert over your life.

These dreams might be a sign you’ve been feeling frustrated because you feel as though someone, or something, is exerting too much influence over your life. Perhaps you feel trapped in a stressful job or relationship, but worry you’re unable to leave. Your dreams about your teeth falling out might be an expression of your repressed desire to break free from the person or situation that’s been holding you down.