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The Real Origins of These 20 Strange Phobias

Globophobia: Fear of balloons popping

Remember when you were little and at birthday parties, and people would sit on balloons to pop them for fun? You would never catch a globophobe doing that.

Because the fear of a balloon popping is so present, those with globophobia will not go anywhere near balloons in general, as they believe it could pop near them at any second. As such, parties and fairs are often avoided, or even certain grocery stores that sell balloons.

Normally, the fear originates when a balloon pops in someone's face and frightens them. The pop can sound like a gunshot, and is often rather unexpected, so the person might have experienced trauma when a balloon popped, believing it to be something much worse such as a loved one being shot in the house.

Think this is too crazy a fear of anyone you know to have? Oprah once shocked her fans and viewers when she announced that she had it.

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