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The Real Origins of These 20 Strange Phobias

Chrometophobia: Fear of money

Uh, we will gladly take money if people don't want it, right?

Of course, money is necessary to make it through life. However, for those with this phobia, spending decisions can be extremely difficult. For some, the concept of choosing what to spend money on is simply too daunting; while for others, they see how money can corrupt people, and want to avoid it. Others are afraid of placing themselves in financial ruin, and therefore fear spending money. It may not be too surprising that those who have little money are far more likely to suffer from chrometophobia than the rich are.

While the above are all about fearing the purpose of money, some chrometophobes actually fear the physical money, as they have no idea where it has been, what germs it has encountered, etc. and therefore do not want to handle it. Fortunately for them, credit cards are pretty big now.