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The Real Origins of These 20 Strange Phobias

Hylophobia: Fear of trees

So, we guess the best place for people with hylophobia would be in the desert?

It is actually common for those who don't think they have hylophobia to possess it. While one single tree might not necessarily scare you, you probably don't want to be alone in the woods with nothing but trees. This fear is not present for a different landscape, such as a field, a beach, a mountain, etc. So, trees in groups can be very frightening for people.

Horror movies have played a large role in the presence of this phobia. In many, characters will be running away from a murderer in the woods who might be hiding behind a tree, and inevitably they will trip and fall on a root at some point, leading to the success of the bad guy.

Some fairytales also spark this fear, such as Hansel and Gretel or the Little Red Riding Hood, where young children get abducted in the woods.