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The Real Origins of These 20 Strange Phobias

Papaphobia: Fear of the pope

Let's face it, Pope Francis is adorable. But regardless of how cute he is, those with papaphobia will be afraid.

Many who are afraid of the Pope are also afraid of the church, and although it is unlikely to run into the Pope in church unless you're in Vatican City, most with papaphobia will avoid funerals, weddings, and services that take place in churches.

As anyone with an understanding of the Catholic church would know, the Pope has many powers, and is considered a huge figure of authority. To a child, this can be very intimidating. Not only that, but the Pope has quite an unusual outfit, dressed in all white with a giant headpiece, which can also instill fear in young people. In adulthood, this fear may persist even if the person has forgotten why it originated.

So, planning your next family vacation with someone with papaphobia? Maybe stay away from Rome.