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The Real Origins of These 20 Strange Phobias

Pentheraphobia: Fear of mother-in-laws

Planning on getting married any time soon? Well, let's hope that you don't have pentheraphobia.

Fear of mother-in-laws often originates by viewing others' relationships with their mother-in-laws. If you see mother-in-laws being cruel or mean to their new family members, naturally, people would become afraid of them as a whole. It is also possible that people with pentheraphobia had issues with their own mother, and therefore expect that problems will continue with their new mother-in-law.

It is also somewhat common to develop pentheraphobia from the way you see mother-in-laws portrayed on television, often romantic comedies.

The fear is largely that the mother-in-law will get in between the wife and her new husband, which could lead to a competition for love and attention. Eventually, this could cause severe insecurity as thoughts such as "who does he love more?" arise.

To cope with pentheraphobia, focus more on the relationship with your spouse, as pentheraphobia can sometimes arise out of preexisting problems in the relationship.