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The Real Origins of These 20 Strange Phobias

Somniphobia: Fear of falling asleep

Having trouble getting to sleep? Well, while many people would love to fall asleep but just cannot manage to, others have an intense fear of falling asleep.

There are an array of reasons that people could be afraid of falling asleep. Some worry about what could happen to them while they are catching zzz's, some dread the dreams that may come, and others do not want to sleep too long and miss out on something important.

So, how do you beat somniphobia? The first step is determining why it is that you are afraid - is it one of the reasons above? Another? Once you've figured out your fear, define whether it is truly somniphobia or insomnia, which is when someone is not afraid of going to sleep, they just can't.

If problems persist, going to a professional is the next step. They will be able to create an effective personal plan for you.