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The Real Origins of These 20 Strange Phobias

Turophobia: Fear of cheese

Coincidentally, if you have xanthophobia, you might also have turophobia - the fear of cheese (or, at least the yellow ones)!

While some are simply afraid of cheese because of the color, others with turophobia are disturbed by the texture, taste, or smell.

Not only will those with the condition avoid cheese itself, but also any food that involves cheese such as pizza, nachos, and even pasta if it has cheese sprinkled on top.

Certain people simply do not like cheese, and therefore develop a fear. However, for others, they could have had a bad reaction to cheese. This was the case for Katie Weston, who says, "When I was six I ate a cheese string, which was the first time I ever tasted cheese. I instantly threw up in the bin at my friend's house, where I was when I ate it. It was a traumatic memory."

Some people with turophobia don't even like to hear the word "cheese". So if you're trying to take one of their pictures, think of something else to tell them to say!