Mental Health

The Very Real and Deep Depression of Celiac Disease

Psychotherapy also helps

Psychotherapy is often suggested to help in reshaping the thoughts that are common for depression. Different therapies include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral or talk therapy: A mental health professional guides you through your depression by making you aware of inaccurate or negative thinking. Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT helps you find answers to challenging situations in a productive way.
  • Interpersonal therapy: IPT is short-term and focused treatment for depression. IPT addresses interpersonal issues and is useful as a short-term treatment with antidepressants for moderate or mild forms of clinical depression. Discussing interpersonal matters, this type of therapy for depression emphasizes how symptoms are related to your relationships.
  • Family therapy: Family therapy, based on the belief your family is your support system and what affects you affects your family can be beneficial in treating celiac-caused depression. Family therapists teach family members about what is going on in an individual, help the entire family to focus less on the member with celiac disease, and brings the family together to battle the depression affecting the one member.
  • Psychodynamic therapy: This is not a therapy that is used often today. It is an approach to psychology that studies the psychological forces underlying feelings, emotions, and moods and how they relate to past experiences. This is a type of therapy developed by Sigmund Freud. While it is real celiac disease can take you back to birth since it is a genetic disease, psychodynamic therapy will not give you any peace of mind when discussing celiac disease.
  • Problem-solving therapy:  A type of psychotherapy that helps you develop coping skills to manage your life experiences. PST is short-term therapy, problem-solving treatment, and structured problem-solving. Your depression may be from everyday life problems, such as celiac disease or it could be a different cause. PST will pinpoint the cause of your depression and give you a way to handle stress and anxiety that can cause celiac disease symptoms to worsen.

PST will help you come up with realistic solutions and select the most promising solution. In the case of celiac disease, PST when coupled with medical solutions helps you to change your diet and deal with it.