Mental Health

What Therapists Wish You Knew About Therapy

Commit even if you become discouraged

You’re going to experience many ups and downs as you go through therapy. Sometimes you’ll leave feeling positive, while other sessions may be a bit of a letdown. A succession of less-than-helpful meetings with your therapist might make you feel hopeless, but there’s no reason to — this is completely normal. Mental illness is a struggle, pure and simple, so you should expect to face obstacles and setbacks every now and then.

As difficult as it is, you have to keep going, even when you feel discouraged. Especially when you feel discouraged, in fact. Take it one step at a time: just get into your car when it’s time for a session. Start the engine. Put the car in drive. Press the gas to go. Before you know it, you’ll be at your therapist’s office, and getting there is half the battle. You can also look up inspirational quotes or read personal stories written by people who’ve struggled just like you. Knowing you’re not alone in your difficulties can help you find the motivation you need to keep at it.