Mental Health

What Therapists Wish You Knew About Therapy

Remember that anything you share is confidential

Some people may worry their therapist will reveal what is confided in them during sessions. However, this is an unnecessary concern, as client confidentiality is a foundational aspect of the psychological code of ethics. It is taken extremely seriously. Medical professionals understand the importance of privacy in helping their patients feel comfortable and open up about their issues and other personal information. There are also laws, like the HIPAA Privacy Law, put into place to protect your personal health information, both medical and psychological.

There are a few instances when a therapist has to break this confidentiality, however: if the client is deemed an immediate danger to themselves or others; if the client is doing harm to a person or persons who cannot protect themselves; if diagnostic information is necessary to obtain payment for services; or if they are required by state or federal law. Beyond these circumstances, you can rest assure your therapist will be a veritable steel trap when it comes to your personal information.