Mental Health

What Therapists Wish You Knew About Therapy

The best therapy requires honesty

Don’t hold back from your therapist. If you keep things buried, either out of fear, shame, or some other emotional block, you won’t be able to get to the root of your mental illness. Lying also inhibits the healing process and prevents the formation of an open relationship with your therapist based on trust.

Often, people lie to protect, usually themselves, their interests, or those they love. Many even convince themselves that it’s okay, even better to lie rather than tell the truth. In therapy, though, anything but the truth is a detriment to your mental health journey. Omitting the truth deprives you of the catharsis that comes from unburdening yourself of painful memories or trauma. Honesty promotes the belief that your therapist’s office is a safe environment, which can reduce stress and anxiety, making you feel more comfortable.

Where honesty is planted, trust will bloom. If you want your relationship with your therapist to grow, be open with them.