Mental Health

What Therapists Wish You Knew About Therapy

You don't need a clinical diagnosis to benefit from therapy

Many people are under the false impression that they have to have a formal label for their mental illness before they can go to therapy. While a clinical diagnosis can help guide treatment and allow a doctor or psychiatrist to prescribe you medication, it is not required for you to obtain benefit from therapy sessions. More and more, people will research their symptoms online and get an idea of the mental health issues affecting them, and giving your therapist a brief overview of your problems can also help pin down your specific illness. Therapists are licensed professionals trained to diagnose, so even if you have not been to a psychiatrist or even just your primary care physician before your first session, you can still go to therapy and get help. After speaking with you for one or two meetings, the therapist can offer their opinion as to what specific affliction is plaguing you, and from there, the both of you can form a proper treatment plan.