John Mayer - Panic Attacks Controlled by Xanax

John Mayer, one of the most prominent singers and guitarists of the 2000s, eventually revealed that he had suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. Mayer discussed his panic attacks as being a result from a fear of being institutionalized. He and one of his childhood friends would have anxiety attacks that included shortness of breath, heart palpitations, sweating, and other common signs of panic attacks. Mayer admitted that he almost always has Xanax, a powerful drug designed to fight brain chemistry that causes panic attacks, with him at all times.

It is shocking to see someone whose music is so calm be held down by anxiety attacks. However, the star has adjusted to the attacks very well with the help of his medication and therapy. Mayer describes his condition very interestingly, saying that "You can create dark neighborhoods in your mind just as easily as you can create rural wonderlands".

Photo credit: John Mayer: Hotel Cafe: Los Angeles. by Alejandro De La Cruz